Our company is established in more than 40 years ago. Started as a small tire retailer named Mekar Baru in Bandung, Indonesia, we had struggled to compete with other tires and wheels retailers. After several years later, we have realized that our customers’ trusts and loyalties have grown and encouraged us to be a major leading distributor and retailer in automotive business in Indonesia. Therefore, until now, we are still growing and confidence to be the leading and successful tires and wheels distributor and retailer in Indonesia.

Realizing that our customers’ trusts and loyalties is the most precious assets, we are proud to announce that we are only provide excellent, supreme, finest, certified, satisfying, prestigious and exclusive products and services. We are carefully selective in carrying products. We only carry certified, finest, supreme and exclusive brands with competitive prices from many countries to accomplish our goal, fulfilling customers’ high quality requirement and expectations. In order to accomplish our goal, we also have been supported by many finest, modern, qualified and sophisticated types of equipment and employees. Therefore, our services and products are always satisfying and indulging our customers.

Because of our wide range of customers, we offer variety of selective products to fulfill our customers’ demands and expectations.Therefore,we also provide recommendations and consultations for creating the finest solutions for our customers. Please feel free to browse our website and to contact us about our finest collections! Thank you.